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Natural Resources Expert Matt Badiali Explains Why International Gold Miners Are Doing Great

Whether it’s investing in gold mining companies, making from companies in the cannabis industry or investing in oil & gas firms, Matt Badiali is an expert in making money from natural resources. He started writing about how to make money from natural resources several years ago when he joined Stansberry Research, writing their Stansberry Resource Report. He now helps people through Banyan Hill Publishing who put out his financial newsletter, Real Wealth Strategist.

Before becoming a writer, Matt Badiali was a college professor and geologist. He was teaching at the University of North Carolina when he received a call from Stansberry Research asking him to help their clients that traded commodities. He worked on a special project and decided he really liked researching investment opportunities.

He’s been all over the world. Matt Badiali says he will only invest in something, and recommend it to his readers, if he’s seen it first-hand. He also interviews CEOs and shares information with his peers so that he stays on top of the latest trends, new technologies, and trends of the natural resources world. Among the people he has met are T. Boone Pickens, Ross Beaty, and he is friends with Rick Rule who manages Sprott U.S. Holdings.

He says that things are going great right now for gold miners. He had the CEO of a gold mining company tell him this recently. However, it’s internationally is where investors want to be rather than in American gold mining companies. Canadian, Mexican, and Australian gold miners are bringing in fantastic profits. Their costs are low and the price of gold keeps going up.

Matt Badiali says that the trick is to find companies that can sell their gold in places where the price of it is high. Second, they need to operate in places that have weak currencies. Neither of these is the case with American gold miners. In fact, their costs are high because the American dollar is very strong right now. He strongly recommends that people invest in gold miners that are not in the US as a gold market bull market is looming.

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