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New Face of Therapy with Talkspace

Every person goes downhill one time or another: in business, career, or general life matters. Way therapy is a great tool, however, there are loads of barriers that trails in-person therapy, they include, privacy, cost and also therapist match. Talkspace is a telemedicine platform that links patients to therapists.

The platform has end encryption connections between therapists and their patients; thus patients may not even say their name. Talkspace has numerous advantages over traditional in-person therapy, as the patient can find a more familiar and comfortable place where they can possibly be more open and honest.


  • Convenience

With Talkspace, you can access the platform at your convenience. No essential minute is “lost” in the scheduling of appointments. It also requests for emergency contact for client’s follow-up.

  • Cost

Therapy via Talkspace is more cost friendly than in-person sessions that you have to dig deeper you’re your pockets. A weekly average price is $32 on Talkspace where you can access 24/7, compared to in-person appointments which cost $80-$300 per session.

  • Ease to request a new therapist

One of the most detrimental experiences with in-person therapy is, it’s hard to find a therapist who is apt for you, and even more obstinate about switching the therapists. With Talkspace, it is as easy as a click of an icon in the app to request a new one.

  • Allows Media sharing

Talkspace platform allows sharing of audio, photos and videos in the chatroom. Media sharing enables the specialist to send some media to describe how to carry out some procedures. Good thing you can always revisit your chats and media.


  • Slow process

In a desperate moment when you need immediate help, online therapy can be a challenge since it is difficult to have a double-coincidental login.

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