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Nicolas Krafft and L’Oreal Paris Holds Fashion Show on Seine River

The 2018 Paris Fashion Show is closing drawing to a close. The extravagant event was hosted on the Seine River on a Sunday. L’Oreal Cosmetics was in charge of the show. It was marked by a 60 meter long gracious runway that floated on the Seine. It showcased approximately 70 hair and makeup looks that were modeled by famous actresses, top models, in addition to a leading Game of Thrones actor. The second edition of the yearly L’Oreal Paris event was open to everyone. Le Defile L’Oreal Paris was its name, and it attempted to help people embrace diversity in addition to inclusivity in the fashion and beauty industry.

The event showcased a cast that ranged from Eva Longoria to Elle Fanning. These attendees were joined by the company’s spokespersons including Maria Borges, Bianca Balti, in addition to Joo Park. Andie MacDowell also joined them. Nicolaj Coster of Games of Thrones was part of the event. He joined the brand ambassadors earlier in the year as a spokesperson for the Men’s Expert Line. Val Garland who is the makeup artist for L’Oreal was also part of the team. She was joined by Stephane Lancien who is the global hair artist. The two were responsible for creating the beauty looks that graced the event. Garland created 7 unique themes for the final season. The show featured designer hair pieces that are currently in the stores.

L’Oreal is a French personal care firm that’s headquartered in Clichy. Its main office is in Paris. The company is the globe’s leading cosmetics firm. It has developed various activities in the sector of hair care, skin care, and perfume. L’Oreal has since employed different workers such as Nicolas Krafft who is the VP of Global Business Development. He oversees general operations at the firm and controls most of the fashion events. He also has extensive experience in business development and management. Nicolas Krafft spearheads product development too. He ensures that the firm practices eco-friendly production methods.

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