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OSI Group Had A Solid Foundation From The Very Beginning

OSI Group is currently one of the biggest food providers across the globe. The company staffs 20,000 employees across 65 facilities in locations within 17 countries. The growth of this company to becoming what it is today is a large part of 20th century economic history in America. OSI Group is still growing at a steady rate today.

The Early Start Of OSI
The history of OSI Group starts with American immigration. At the start of the 20th century, Otto Kolschowsky was a German immigrant living in Chicago Illinois. German immigrants were a quarter of the population in the city during this time. Two years after arriving in the US, in 1990 Kolschowsky opened a tiny meat market in Oak Park, an area on the west side of Chicago. He served his community well and within ten years he grew into the wholesale area of the business. He wound up moving his operation to a different Chicago suburb, Maywood. In another ten years Kolschowsky rebranded his business as Otto & Sons in 1928. For several ten year spans the company was stable and successful.


McDonald’s Restaurants Emerge
In 1955 Ray Kroc opened the very first McDonald’s restuarant in Des Plaines, Illinois. He was a franchise agent for a San Bernadino, California duo Richard and Maurice McDonald. They founded a family restaurant in 1940. The Des Plaines restaurant was an initial step towards franchising McDonald’s. Franchising was a new concept in the US. Before Kroc opened the first McDonald’s he had a handshake agreement Otto’s son Arthur and Harry to be McDonald’s first supplier of fresh beef.

The Consistency Model Of Ray Kroc
In no more than a few years, Kroc bought out the McDonalds and he was the new CEO of McDonald’s corporation. Otto & Sons wound up growing and expanding right along with McDonald’s. The family owned meat shop had to figure out how to supply the fast growing restaurant with all the meat it needed. Within twenty years, Otto & Sons transitioned to the global corporation OSI Group. One of the initial goals of Kroc’s franchising plan was to provide every restaurant and customer with consistency. Since the core product was hamburgers, it was important for OSI group and other suppliers to provide an affordable, consistent and consumer-driven product that could go the distance.

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