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OSI Group Promotes Growth And Expansion

OSI Group is a long-standing force in the food manufacturing industry. The company has been in business for over one hundred years and continues to push to create opportunities that help develop its staff and client services. OSI sustains its level of productiveness by continuing to look forward and take chances. The company is privately owned which allows it to conduct business that publicly traded organizations cannot. For this reason OSI Group was able to invest in business relationships that may take longer to develop. In turn their partners are able to grow at their own pace and OSI benefits from the business transaction further down the road.

OSI Group has made acquisitions recently that show the company is not slowing down when it comes to expansion. Turi Foods was the latest news worthy business deal that took place with OSI. Its affiliate OSI International Foods Australia merged with the Australian food manufacturer in order to strengthen its position in the region. Turi Foods is the largest manufacturer of poultry in the country. It services restaurants, markets and butcher shops. The company has several plants operating in the region. They will continue to operate as normal and benefit from having a relationship with an international organization such as OSI.

The Tyson Foods buyout was crucial to a lot of people involved in the situation. Tyson Foods was based in the Chicago area where OSI first began. The closing of its plants would have put hundreds of people out of work. Leadership at OSI was determined to prevent this from happening. They made the purchase of the Tyson Foods facilities and was able to keep the plants operational. Employees at Tyson Foods were also offered the opportunity to work with the OSI team directly. The acquisitions of Baho Foods and Flagship Food Group give OSI Group the presence that it needed in the European region. Each of these companies has a unique style of business that adds to the partnership. Both Baho Foods and Flagship Food Group specialize in specific services that opens the door for OSI to cater to new segments of clientele.

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