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Paul Herdsman Gives Success Tips

Paul Herdsman successfully started a global firm called Nice Global together with another partner. He is, therefore, an experienced guy in investments. Paul occasionally advises people about what it takes to be successful in business. He says that various things separate those who make it from those who always fail when they try. Some of the factors that separate the two kinds of people according to Mr. Herdsman include the following:


  1. Attitude.

Paul cites attitude as one of the primary determinants of success for any entrepreneur. Having a positive attitude ensures that one is always trying to rectify things even when they are not working. He says that from research, those who tackle a matter positively have a bigger chance of succeeding no matter what arises along the way. Paul Herdsman advises that positive attitude also gives one energy to get through the competitive business world.

For one to maintain a positive attitude at all times, Paul says that expression of gratitude is key. He advises everyone to have at least five things to be grateful about every new day. This way, one develops some inner motivation to be successful in the next engagement, and this largely contributes to the ultimate success of the venture in the long run.


  1. Take risks.

Paul Herdsman believes that those who make it are the risk takers. This is because there exists no business that is purely risk-free. It’s always a matter of trying out things every day until success comes by. However, he also cautions against taking risks without doing considerable research. This mainly applies to startup entrepreneurs who have limited knowledge in the ventures that they desire to invest in. It is imperative to research on the project to avoid massive financial loses. He believes that one of the primary determinants of a promising entrepreneur is the ability to gauge situations and identifying a risk that is worth taking. View More Information Here.


  1. Follow Passion.

Paul Herdsman also believes that what one is highly passionate about is highly likely to give him/her the motivation to achieve. Paul Herdsman, therefore, proposes investing in a venture that one is ready to do anything to see it succeed.


Learn more about Paul’s business strategies in his 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman





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