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Paul Herdsman To Entrepreneurs: You Won’t Know If Your Idea Will Be Successful Unless You Take That First Leap


Being persistent, finding a mentor, building an an educated team, and truly understanding the customer are some of Paul Herdsman‘s success tips for entrepreneurs. Above and beyond delivery of service is the benchmark at NICE Global, an international business-to-business solutions provider based out of Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Mr. Herdsman admits that he wasn’t exactly sure about making the Caribbean island the home of his business. He had no previous experience with the infrastructure nor how the market would take to NICE Global’s presence. However, through not taking no for an answer and having a vision to realize, he and fellow colleagues were able to plant the firm.

A major key to Paul’s philosophy of success is doing what you are passionate about. The truth is that running a business is time consuming, and is very hard work. The aspiring entrepreneur must have be able to stick it out through the ups and downs. Excitement and enjoyment must take precedence according to Paul Herdsman.

When it comes to recruiting talent, Paul Herdsman is very forthcoming as well. While skill, expertise, and intelligence are important tools within business, managers must assess a potential member’s character and values. Skills are malleable and subject to changes with time. A person’s value system defines how they operate and perform interpersonally.

Performing SWOT Analysis tests (Strengths, Weaknesses Opportunities, Threats) give recruiters insights into their hires. The extracted intel helps leadership curate training programs for its diverse mix of talent. Paul Herdsman has years of experience engaging with capable individuals. Refer to This Article for additional information about Herdsman.



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