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Perry Mandera and His 30 Plus Year Experience

Perry Mandera has 30 plus years experience working for the transportation business as an executive. He is the founder Of the company Custom Companies Incorporated. Custom Companies Incorporated is located in Northlake, Illinois. Besides his professional career, Perry Mandera also shows support to the Illinois State Crime Commission also known as ISCC. The Illinois State Crime Commission is a nonprofit company that works with the Police Athletic League to help cut down on crime and juvenile delinquency call marketing positive Communications with law enforcement and the general public. Since Perry Mandera founded the Illinois State Crime Commission they have hosted free seminars for the various social topics like crime and gang violence. The non profit organization also hosts training’s on topics like firearms, hand to hand combat ,martial arts, also Security Management.


The custom Company Incorporated which was led by Perry Mandera is a logistics and transportation service provider. he was also the president as well as the owner . His company uses various Technologies to service their customers. A few of them are cheetah dispatch which is a dynamic software which gives the drivers of the company access two lots of information such as automatic pick up time and documents for proof of delivery. Another form of technology they used is warehouse management system. Warehouse management system is used for the companies Pick & Pack and fulfillment services. This company also uses a form of Technology called dock management system or (DMS). What this technology does is set the industry standard for Doc Management Systems.


Perry Mandera has been a highly successful executive in his field. He has over three decades of work experience in the industry of transportation. He has also been a successful board member for the Illinois Trucking Association also known as ITA. Perry Mandera has been honored one of the top 100 American Transportation executives of the millennium. A successful and with a highly successfully long career in the transportation industry.

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