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Reduce Investing Risk With Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell is an important man in the financial world in the Greater Detroit Area/ he is the CFO at the Willis Towers Watson financial service company and has been working hard to make this company money not only for the bosses but for his clients as well. Michael Burwell was educated at Michigan State University and decided to go to work to help bring Detroit back to begin a great city.


Before he went to work at the Willis Tower Watson, Michael spend 31 years working at the Princewaterhouse Coopers LLP where he build up his experience. He also worked at the Pricewaterhouse Cooper Detroit transaction company and even worked as a financial auditor during his career.


Michel Burwell took on a leadership role in 2012 when he was hired to be the Vice Chairman Global at U.S Transformations. This company was developed to work with internal functions and Michael worked with human capital, finances, new technology, global business strategies, and global marketing.


Michael Burwell began his career in accounting. He has a degree in accounting and is a Certified Public Accountant. At Willis Tower Watson, Burwell is responsible for running the financial operations. At this company Michael assesses the risks for investments and trains his employees to be client centers. They work with the clients to help them make sound investments while advising them of the security and the risks associated with these investments.


Willis Towers Watson specializes in risk management and is also looking to develop strategies to reduce the risk in the world of business. Under the leadership of Michael Burwell, the company and its employees will provide consulting services as well, so a person can fully understand their investment. While every investment do involve so level of risk this company under the leadership of Burwell does everything it can to reduce the risk and make money.



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