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Robert Deignan builds a top customer service company

Robert Deignan is an experienced business person. He has been in the technology sector for nearly 20 years. He has a degree in Business Management from Purdue University. He graduated in 1995. Since he was a young boy, his dream was to become a businessman and entrepreneur. To achieve this goal, he had to work hard and show the world that he meant business. He worked hard in school and got the relevant skills that would allow him to become a successful business person. Immediately he was out of the university, Robert Deignan set up his first technology company known as Fanlink. The main reason he created this company was to learn how to create and run a successful business. He wanted to become a successful business person and the only way he could accomplish that was by getting his hands dirty and learning how it should be done.

Robert Deignan was passionate about technology, and his main focus was on customer service. He wanted to be that person who would offer solutions to digital problems. With the experience he had creating Fanlink, it was never going to be hard making a better company that would grow into a reputable organization for tech customer service.

After working for some time with Fanlink, Robert Deignan moved on and joined a company known as iS3 Inc., a software company that dealt with many issues related to technology. Mostly they were dealing with digital security, personalized technical support, computer optimization, and others. This company offered Robert Deignan the best platform where he could learn all the things he wanted about technology. His passion for technology drove him to want to know everything about technology.

The organization that Robert Deignan went through served as the stepping stone that he would use to create his own company. Today, Deignan is a proud owner of a company known as ATS Digital Services. He co-founded this company and in the process learned so many things about creating a successful business. His main focus now is to try and use the information he has gathered to build a technology company that will provide the best customer services.

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