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Robert Thikoll Is Interviewed By CEOCFO Magazine

Robert Thikoll is an executive at Ingersoll Rand. He leads the global operational excellence department at the firm. CEOCFO Magazine recently caught up with Mr. Thikoll and interviewed him about his leadership position. The following are some of the highlights of the CEOCFO Magazine interview conducted by senior editor Lynn Fosse.

The interview started out with Lynn Fosse asking Robert Thikoll to describe his role at Ingersoll Rand. Mr. Thikoll stated that one of his primary objectives as vice president of operational excellence is to create growth strategies at the company through what he coins lean transformations. Another part of his job at Ingersoll Rand is to help implement these new strategies that cut down on waste and expenses at the global scale. Working with other executives at the firm is also an important part of his day to day activities. As a high level executive Thikoll states that it is important he foster the corporation’s winning culture as well.

Next, CEOCFO Magazine asked Robert Thikoll what is his focus for today. Mr. Thikoll states that his focus is always on people at a company. He wants leaders such as himself to be coaches of their employees. Thikoll also wants to continue fostering a culture of problem solving and lean thinking. With this approach, he believes he can guide a company to success and its employees to new achievements at the firm.

Another question asked of Robert Thikoll by Lynn Fosse was about his educational background. Lynn Fosse asked Mr. Thikoll if his double major in political science and Japanese helped prepare him for his current line of work. Robert Thikoll stated that learning Japanese really helped him to connect with Japanese workers while he worked for Toyota and their supply company. Otherwise, he just states that his early education set the stage for future learning in business.

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