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Roseann Bennett Is An Advocate For Canine-Assisted Therapy

Kids adore puppies – they’re naturally drawn to their friendly and affectionate nature. And whilst the tremendous advantages of having a dog is something that has become common knowledge, there’s a extra current way in which man’s best friends are being used to enhance people’s lives – Canine-Assisted Therapy. Marital and family therapist Roseann Bennett has had longstanding success with the application of dogs in helping individuals work past their issues.


Bennett is more than willing to try new methods along with standard practices. Early in her career she worked heavily with adolescents and became interested in Canine-Assisted Therapy. It has been documented that dogs can help children feel more at ease. The child never feels like the dog is judging him/her and this helps them open up. Without the child opening up treatment is virtually impossible.


The New Jersey resident has more than 10 years’ experience practicing in the discipline of mental health. Her knowledge of the field has often been praised by her fellow professionals and colleagues. She was actually chosen to be the president of the northern chapter of the New Jersey Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. Go To This Page for additional information.


Roseann Bennett founded the Center for Assessment and Treatment with the help of her husband in 2009. The mental health agency didn’t officially open until 2010 however. Since its opening it has helped improve the quality of life of many individuals and has garnered a lot of attention with its canine-assisted therapy techniques.


The center is a complete passion project for Bennett as it is a non-profit and thus, receives no funding for its mental health services. This means the staff has to work extremely hard to give those with low income prompt care. Bennett also hopes to eliminate the stigma around mental health issues with the center.


You can reach Roseann Bennett or her center on

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