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Roseann Bennett’s Career As A Seasoned Therapist


Roseann Bennett, the co-creator of the Center for Assessment and Treatment, founded her enterprise using her ambitious disposition and generosity of spirit. When Bennett became a therapist, she was counseling individuals from the comfort of her own home. Before too long, she transitioned to outpatient therapy. Though she was excited about the career shift, Bennett realized one shocking reality upon her transfer: patients were waiting obscene lengths of time to receive treatment. Notably perturbed by this discovery, Bennett vowed to right this wrong by creating an organization that welcomed all. See This Article to learn more.


A woman of her word, Roseann Bennett delivered on her promise. The Center for Assessment and Treatment is a nonprofit mental health agency that Bennett and her husband built from the ground up. Their savvy paired with their enterprise enabled them to bring their corporation to fruition. Bennett seeks to help all members of society, but she pays particular attention to those who have been ill-treated by the system. In other words, her primary focus is on treating disenfranchised individuals and those who have been marginalized by society. To this day, Bennett hasn’t turned down a prospective patient due to their circumstances.


Roseann Bennett reveals that her recipe to success is “beginning conservatively.” In fact, when she embarked on her pursuit, Bennett had little to her name. She even furnished the office using bits and pieces from her own home. Bennett urges budding entrepreneurs to remain grounded in an effort to stay focused on the task at hand.


What’s more, Bennett attributes her humility to her modest beginnings and hopes to instill this value into aspiring businesspeople. These days, Roseann Bennett profoundly invested in the future of therapy. More specifically, Bennett has high hopes for telemedicine. As her career evolves, Bennett hopes to remain a stalwart in her industry.


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