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Sawyer Howitt Advises Young Entrepreneurs

Sawyer Howitt is one of the most articulate, skilled and humble young business leaders in America today. Despite his young age being born in the year 2000, he has been able to learn and achieve a lot he is considered a shining star among the various sectors in business, especially in business and finance. Having secured internship, mentorship, and hands-on training in various institutions he is now in a very strong position to offer young upcoming entrepreneurs advice on various aspects.

He recommends to this young entrepreneurs the various aspects and criteria s to consider when starting up in the various locations across the country.The following demographics are his key markers the economy, the average age of the population, access to funding, availability of high-speed broadband and the potential for networking.When all these aspects are brought together the location is usually in a position to help nature any business to success.The environment is very critical to any startup as may things such legal barriers and prohibitive license cost may be the undoing of even the best of ideas.

There are various cities across the united states that have tireless worked to secure a good working environment for new businesses and startups.

These cities include

San Francisco, California

Advance in technology has seen San Francisco, Hayward and Oakland develop strong business communities this has also been compounded by the presence of already successful ventures such as Twitter, Yelp, and Uber.

Santa Monica, California

This is one of the most supportive communities for those with an entrepreneurial spirit as a resulted over 23,000 successful startups have come up in the region.

Palo Alto, California

Palo Alto has a knack for attracting young eccentric and highly educated people.

The list of super successful companies in the area or that started here seems to be endless they include Hewlett-Packard, Facebook, PayPal, Tesla, Google, and Pinterest.

Austin, Texas

This is a state capital it has started community initiatives to welcome entrepreneurs and new business to the area.they have one of the best loan support facilities with every 100,000 residents being given up to 1.7 million dollars to fund small businesses.

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