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Shafik Sachedina Has An Important Role In The Healthcare Industry Through Sussex

 Shafik was born in 1950 in Tanzania in the major city of Dar-es-Salaam. As a determined learner, Shafik excelled at his studies and managed to graduate from Guys Hospital Medical and Dental School in 1975. Shafik has also practiced throughout England and furthered his studies at the University of London. On the entrepreneurial side, Shafik went on to co-found Sussex Healthcare, a leading healthcare company focused on rehabilitation and assisted living for residents throughout the UK. On the volunteer side, Shafik Sachedina has assisted in the community through his work at the Jamati Institutions and the Aga Khan.

Following the tradition of his community, Shafik is dedicated to the healthcare industry through Sussex Healthcare and he manages the activities at more than 20 different facilities around the United Kingdom.

In order to make Sussex Healthcare one of the leading assisted living companies in the nation, Shafik Sachedina puts a lot of time and care into how each facility is run. There is no cutting corners or lack of staff and equipment at Sussex Healthcare facilities. More importantly, the staff consists of qualified and dedicated caregivers that can handle any resident within the Sussex Healthcare facilities. Learn more about Shafik Sachedina at

With the combined expertise of Shafik Sachedina and his partner Shiraz Boghani, they have been able to select premium locations for their healthcare facilities. Sussex also offers full-care residential housing for the elderly in the community that do not require constant assistance to go about their day.

Shafik Sachedina has been in the medical industry for a long time and he knows that making patients feel comfortable is the key factor to a successful stay at any institution. This is why Sussex doesn’t simply leave residents to stay in their own spaces alone but encourages them to engage their environment and socialize while partaking in various activities on site. Sussex facilities also come equipped with dedicated chefs that can prepare specialized and nutritious meals for residents, regardless of their dietary requirements.

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