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Steve Lesnard on Marketing Different Sports Brands

Steve Lesnard was initially an executive at the world’s leading athletic brand. He is well versed with how the marketing world of sports operates. He also has extensive experience in the sports sector and is committed to ensuring that brands are elevated. Lesnard has the right tools to help grow a brand regardless of its initial position. He understands the needs of his clients and works hard to ensure that they are satisfied with the product at hand. His decades of experience have provided him with insight into the changing consumer world. He upholds the role of data in technology and business.

Background Information

Therefore, Lesnard values the input of humanity in growing a business. Steve Lesnard was raised in Paris and Corsica. He developed a passion for sports at a tender age. As such, Lesnard played many games as a child. He started learning more about the value of sports when he was a child. He also started implementing the skills in real life. Those skills stayed with him until now. Also, being a son to two responsible parents, Steve Lesnard decided to make integrity as well as hard work the two main values of his life. He has strived for every accomplishment of his life. Steve Lesnard attended a business school situated in France. He studied entrepreneurship in addition to international business. In his time at school, he also upheld his connections to sports. Lesnard was elected to serve as the President of the club. He organized various sports tournaments. Later in the years, he moved to the US for an MBA from the prestigious Babson College.

Work Experience

Lesnard first joined the workforce when he served at Wolford, which is a luxury brand in New York City. Being the director of the company, he led various initiatives such as opening retail stores as well as establishing different brands in North America. He moved to the west coast of the area in order to serve in the sector of sports. Steve Lesnard’s initial role in the sports sector was in marketing where he was the procurement manager. He planned and created products for athletes during winter.

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