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Steve Ritchie: CEO, Papa John’s International

Steve Ritchie is presently the Chief Executive Officer of Papa John’s International. He was promoted to the position of CEO on January 1, 2018. Indeed, his promotion to CEO is a reflection of Steve Ritchie’s diligence and hard work at Papa John’s, the world’s largest pizza delivery company. More about the new CEO as well as the company are found in this piece.

Steve Richie’s Tenure at Papa John’s International

Steve Ritchie’s case proves that hard work, resilience and determination never go unrewarded. He joined the company about 22 years ago as a customer service representative, earning $6 an hour. His story is truly inspirational. For instance, despite joining Papa John’s as a junior employee earning a meager hourly wage, he became a franchise owner and operator in 2006. His roles increased in the company and saw him rise to the position of Chief Operating Officer in 2014.

Embracing Diversity in the Face of Crisis

Papa John’s has made various attempts to retain its customers in the face of dwindling crisis amid extensive criticism. The CEO, Steve Richie went ahead to publish a letter addressing franchisees, employees, and clients detailing some of the measures they were taking to rectify the anomaly in sales.

Drop in Sales in North America

Steve Ritchie was prompted to write a letter addressing consumers due to the challenges that had dogged Papa John’s regarding sales in North America, some of which dropped by 6.1%. In response, Steve Ritchie apologized to their loyal clients and promised them that they had rolled up an ‘unconscious bias training’ all over the country. Additionally, he also notified customers that there was also an investigation of their inclusion and diversity practices and cultural audit. After that, they would declare the possible course of action.

Actions Recommended by Steve Ritchie

In an attempt to arrest the situation and restore normalcy, Papa John’ CEO Steve Ritchie visited some of their stores in Chicago, Detroit, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Atlanta to get feedback from their franchisees as well as members. Furthermore, he also added more people to the leadership team to increase diversity and improve the decision-making process.

In summary, Papa John has been at the helm in pizza delivery across North America over the past few decades. Every company is bound to face challenges in the course of its operations, and Papa John’s is no exception. However, their new CEO, Steve Ritchie acted swiftly to save the company and restore its glory amidst their dwindling sales.

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