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Suffering From a Difficult Disease? Jeff Aronin Hasn’t Forgotten You

The medical world is enormous, and with so many diseases to cure, ailments to treat, and research to be conducted, it’s easy for some problems to slip off the radar. Justifiably, most medical efforts in research and funding are made towards the world’s most significant diseases, like cancer. However, this focus on more common diseases leaves those dealing with smaller diseases behind. The issue is tragic, but somewhat blameless, as it’s hard to criticize the medical world too harshly for keying in on the most prominent issues. On the other hand, it’s hard to imagine anything more discouraging than dealing with a disease with only a few treatments, or sometimes none. Thankfully, people like Jeff Aronin fill this vacuum with hard work, attention to detail, and effective, innovative business models.


Jeff Aronin is the CEO of Paragon Biosciences and a relentless pursuer of lesser-known, less common diseases and ailments. His company’s vision is a simple one: discover cures and treatments for diseases in which there are only a few or none currently available. Jeff Aronin believes in cooperation, and his business model reflects that. By working with biomedical companies all around the country, Paragon Biosciences does everything they can to assist in development and research for these causes. Perhaps more importantly, however, both Aronin and Paragon Biosciences believe in the importance of “individual treatment.” In other words, Paragon Biosciences make a strong effort to treat every patient they work with as the special individual he or she is, rather than a number on a spreadsheet. This personal touch may sound small at first, but this way of working with patients is a key factor in Paragon’s success up to this point.


Paragon Biosciences, and by extension, Jeff Aronin, have clearly made their mark on the world of medicine. Just within the last 10 years, Paragon has produced 10 new medicines that were approved by the FDA. This is an impressive number considering the recentness of Paragon, and they have no plans of stopping now. The company is continuing an exponential growth, and as Paragon continues to expand, Jeff Aronin’s vision will be further realized. Aronin believes in recruiting talented individuals, and his ability to add more skilled doctors and researches will only continue as his company continues to expand. While it’s hard to predict the future, there is little doubt that both Jeff and Paragon are going to continue doing great work.

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