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The Aspire: Boraie Development’s Newest Project

Boraie Developments has always been one of the well-known names when it comes to real estate developments within the city of New Brunswick, and the new project that the company has taken on is further proof of that.

The Aspire is one of the newest developments within the city of New Brunswick and is a structure that redefines the New Brunswick skyline. The apartment complex consists of 238 residential units. The complex is well equipped with a range of facilities that are ideal for modern day living. The complex consist of an attached parking facility that is complete with direct elevator access to the lobby and other parts of the buildings.

The complex includes a state-of-the-art fitness center as well as a number of recreational spaces for arts and fitness activities. There are also a number of spaces that are dedicated to outdoor sports, offering residents the ability to unwind whenever they want to.

The proximity of the complex is also something worth noting, especially because of how close it is located to the New Brunswick Train Station and the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital System.

In addition to being a residential complex, the project is set to have over 1000 sq.ft of retail space.

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