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The Father Of UEPS Technology

Serge Belamant is a Frenchman born in the city of Tulle. His father, a tiler by trade, moved his family to South Africa when Serge was 14. He learned to speak English while in South Africa when he was attending Highlands North. He then went on to attend Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg. There he studied two years studying engineering and computer science. Then studied information systems at the University of South Africa located in Pretoria. But, he never completed his degree.

Working with various companines, Serge was a key member in creating many technological advancements that have changed the way we use financial banking systems. He even trained in Washington, D.C. while learning linear and non-linear programming.

Needless to say, Belamant’s talent for digital financial transaction software coding was more than adept. In 1989, Serge Belamant founded Net1 UEPS Technologies, Inc. UEPS is short for Universal Electronic Payment Systems. A system Serge designed. So efficient was his software that in 1995, VISA partnered with Mr. Belamant to design their new idea, a Chip Offline Pre-Authorized Card (COPAC). I.E., the chip cards we use for just about everything today!!!

In 1999, Net1 and Serge Belamant developed a digital payment system to transfer welfare grants to those in need all around areas of South Africa. His system was widely sought after and is now used in many other countries including Russia and Iraq. Today, Net1 is a top software payment technology company for both emerging and already established economies.

Recently, Serge Belamant started Zilch Technologies in the United Kingdom. Founded in July of 2018, Zilch is still to new to judge, But, knowing the most-innovative Serge Belamant, Zilch Technologies may just yet turn the world of digital finance on its ear once more! And with all this, Serge still finds time to serve on the Board of Advisors at Prism Group Holdings Pty. Ltd. and Medikredit Integrated Healthcare Solutions.

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