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The Influence Of Change And Dynamism In Finance As Contributed By Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb is a significant programmer who was born and raised in the United States. He developed an interest in technology and got his education making him equipped as a software developer. Through his achievements, he has contributed to the growth of the people and the economy which makes a growing society. The successes obtained get attributed to factors such as hard work and determination as well as knowledge. He got experience by working for various ventures such as Bitcoin which enhanced his understanding.

The urge and grit to grow made him venture into entrepreneurship where he co-founded Stellar Company together with Joyce Kim. It got started to fill in a gap present in the market as there was a flaw in the financial market. Stellar Foundation came as the solution and to be of assistance in the business sector. Jed McCaleb ensured the company was non-profitable for reliability and accessibility of business. Moreover, it grew to be globally making the company accommodative to all people.

According to, Jed McCaleb started the venture as a means to uplift the lives of the public. It was meant to help them realize their full financial potential and ease the businesses. In this way, the society would change as with the growth of the people hence the growth of the society as poverty would be eradicated. says that Stellar Company works using the principle of integration which makes the operation people-based. The workers get to write the database, the codes as well as test the integration to prove the success is ensuring smooth transactions. The role of Jed McCaleb is to work on feedbacks from the response given by the people improving the company.

Being a visionary leader, Jed McCaleb ensures the company improves on a daily basis. It is for this reason that he puts a lot of time in finding and introducing resources that would enhance the growth of Stellar Company to greater heights. Over the years, he has ensured the company is more secure, scalable and reliable. The dynamic nature gets emphasized by the introduction of technology such as blockchain which makes the company match the speed of transactions to that of the traditional banking systems.

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