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The Investments of Hussain Sajwani

The success that prominent people experience is a result of the hard work that they put in, in their jobs. It is a result of the determination that they have, in making their dreams come true. Success is a reflection of the hard work. You only get what you deserve; what you work to achieve. Hussain Sajwani is an excellent example of a successful individual who overcomes all the situations presented before him to live his dream. mentioned that Hussain Sajwani began as an employee at GASCO Properties. After two years as a contract manager, he quit and started his catering venture. The venture is doing great and serves more than 150000 people in a day.

The end goal of Hussain Sajwani was investing in real estate. A year after the Dubai Government allowed strangers to own properties, he began the DAMAC Company. The DAMAC Properties is currently the most popular real estate developer in Dubai. They have helped 20000 individuals accomplish the goal of living in their dream homes.

The DAMAC Properties is not the only firm that Sajwani sources his income from; he has several other investments. There is the Nine Elms Property Limited. The latter is a partnership between the DAMAC Premises and Sajwani through his International Company. The Nine Elms Property Limited is achieving as it designed AYKON London. AYKON is speculated to be the tallest building in the nation. Its residential properties are also said to be the most popular in the national as well.

Hussain Sajwani also owns Mina Al Sultan Qaboos together with the Omran. The firm is undergoing a thorough renovation. The renovation will cost USD 1 billion. The firm will have classy entertainment facilities, Bungalows, and tourist ports.

It is not by coincidence that the DAMAC Owner has been able to construct quality buildings. This is as a result of his great networks. The DAMAC Owner is a majority shareholder at Al Amana Building Material. The latter is the center of all the recognized building materials from all over the world. It is the home of quality. They make the materials easily accessible to the strangers.

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