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The Oxford Club – Investment with a Touch of Class

The Oxford Club is a unique society of multinational investors from all over the world. It functions as a private plexus of businesspeople and bankers who have access to expert guidance and advice. The Oxford Club provides expertise related to diverse issues such as mutual funds, property transactions, stock trading, bonds and buying and selling of rare metals.

Recently, the Oxford Club gave out four tips on investment planning. First, they suggest reducing the risk of losses due to fall in stocks by selecting the right mix of stocks. These stocks can be of varied number, risk potential, and types, to minimize losses. Next, the Oxford Club suggests always having an exit policy in place. This means that an investor must understand when to sell stocks and also in what way these are to be sold. Further, it is essential to know the amount a person plans to invest, and this should be assessed before making any sizable stock investment. Finally, the club advises its members to cut costs while investing through tax management and removal of unnecessary extra expenses.

The Oxford Club has many years of experience in the field of investment. Its main goal is to facilitate the protection of the finances of its associates. It is an organization with a global outreach with over 100,000 members in more than 130 nations. The Oxford Club was founded in 1989 by William Bonner. Initially, it was known as the Passport Club. It came to be called the Oxford club in 1991. Julia Guth was the foremost Membership Director of the Oxford Club. She integrated the best aspects of the old Passport Club with the newly formed The Oxford Club. This club also began publishing its newsletter known as The Oxford Communique with Mark Nestmann as its editor of finance. In1998, this organization initiated The Chairman’s Circle or a level of honor for its highly distinguished and long-term members. There has been no looking back for the club from then on as it has achieved great respect in the investment world.

The Oxford Club translates its cumulative experience with finances in the form of advice it regularly provides to its members. The affiliates of the Oxford Club benefit greatly from the well-researched suggestions that the Club gives out.

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