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Top Facts about Fagali Airport or Island

Fagali Airport is the main tourist attraction feature in the Samoan islands. It is the second largest of the islands of Samoa. The island comprises of a small community of homes and shops with approximately 36,000 residents. The airport or island previously belonged to the Samoan Government and Polynesian Airlines. By then it was a grass-only airstrip and mostly used by the military. However, it was closed due to environmental issues and noise violation complaints. On 6th July 2002, the airstrip was paved and re-opened by Polynesian Airlines. It currently hosts several airlines for local and international travel.

The airlines in Fagali Airport include: South Pacific Airways, Pogo Pogo Air, Talofa Airways, and Somoa Air. The airport’s international flights are to Africa, Europe, America, and local travellers use Pogo Pogo Air to other areas within the islands of Somoa. Somoa Air flys weekly between the islands of Samoa. The airport has earned several awards including the Fagali Airport Awards because of its extensive safety measures. Besides, it is recognized as one of the safest flying facilities in the world. Unlike most other airport security, Fagali security officials, thoroughly search passengers’ luggage, carefully without invading their privacy.

The airport has several amenities, including gift shops, cafeteria, and a full-service restaurant. There are also many luxurious restaurants and hotels a short distance from the airport. Most of these hostels offer state of the art services and a wide range of family-oriented services as well as those that people can enjoy with their loved ones. There are also several vending machines and restrooms in the airport to make it convenient for travelers who have connecting flights.

In spite of its small size, Fagali Airport draws in millions of passengers every year and 30,000 who leave within the same period. It is considered among the busiest airports in the world. Guests who want to visit the island can conveniently do so by purchasing a flight by directly calling the airlines or through several travelers websites. Guests can also buy other tickets for attractions they would like to visit while buying their airline tickets.


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