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Transforming the Built Landscape by the American Institute of Architects

AIA is an organization for architects and offers expert opinion concerning advocacy, education, redevelopment of the community, and outreach to the public in view of upholding the architectural profession. It is currently under the leadership of Robert Ivy as the CEO. The body has its headquarters in Washington, DC. Other members and parties in the design and building industry work closely with AIA to ensure that the building activities are smoothly coordinated across the vast Nation.

AIA was formed in 1857 and has stood the test of time. Furthermore, it has a membership of over 90,000 professional architects who are licensed. The members work under a strict by a code of ethics put in place by the body. The code of ethics is meant to assure clients that the members have committed to providing the highest standards.

Notably, AIA has up to five levels of membership including Architect members, Associate members, International associate members, Emeritus members, and Allied members. Significantly, AIA’s most prestigious honor for its members is the Fellow of the American Institute of Architects. To get this prestigious membership, one’s contributions to the profession have to be recognized as significant nationwide.

The members of AIA can access development opportunities together with contract documents tailored for the construction industry. Besides that, the members can access client-bases resources and personal benefits. The organization allows its members to stay partisan in the development of new ideas from design to regional and nationwide levels. Similarly, young professionals in the field can improve their skills through an Intern Development Program and later are required to pass an Architect Registration exam.

The soft-spoken CEO, Robert Ivy is known to steer talks especially on innovation and urban planning. He inspires professional architects to go beyond the field of architecture and stir development in other sectors of the economy. Robert Ivy has always believed that architecture is a foundation for transforming development and safety from disaster management solutions to refining the health sector.

Robert has announced AIA’s ten-year commitment to coming up with solutions and programs geared toward better public health. The organization is going to provide grants and funding support to university research as part of the commitment.

Robert Ivy has been in the forefront of public health for a long time. He took part in the design of New York’s Central park as well. He came up with the idea of removing housing and buildings to create a recreational space that was going to transform the city.

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