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US Money Reserve helps Community and Investing in Gold

With many people affected by the devastating effects of Hurrican Harvey, a few companies are lending a helping hand. The US Money Reserve is donating a total of $219,622 dollars or raised money for Hurricane Harvey victims. The company is known for their efforts in helping communities as well as their ability to provide for the clientele the best possible service and gold and silver investment products.


The US Money Reserve has offices in Austin, Texas. Even though the company was not as directly affected by the effects of the Hurricane like the residents of Houston, this company felt like it could have been essentially anyone affected by this natural disaster. Hurricane Harvey landed a total of 3 times within a 6 day period. Each time causing massive flooding, enough to plunge 1/3 of Houston underwater. A total of 39,000 people were taken from their homes and sent to temporary and permanent shelters. The compassionate individuals at US Money Reserve decided to partner with the Austin Disaster Relief Network.


US Money Reserve works with nonprofit companies such as ADRN. This company has the resources of 175 churches and thousands of volunteer staff. The work tirelessly to deliver relief to places stricken with loss, grief, or trauma for a myriad of reasons. US Money Reserve partnered with this organization knowing their funds would not be used lightly. That their matched funds would reach the people and begin helping victims of this tragedy within 24 hours. The efforts of ADRN reflect closely the values or US Money Reserve, quality and timely service.


US Money Reserve is the largest private distributor of U.S. government issues gold, silver, and platinum coins. They employ a specialized team that conducts coin research and experts in the field of numismatics. These professionals study all types of coins, medals, and paper currency. They are able to perceive with a greater deal of certainty the true value or coins. Investing with U.S. government issued coins from US Money Reserve means getting the highest valued products for a diversified investment portfolio. The most common form of precious metals their clients use is the gold and silver coins. Thousands of people across the country invest with US Money Reserve.


Founded in 2001, this company desires to form long-lasting relationships with their clients and deliver exceptional customer service. The same care for Houston residents is the care any client would receive.


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