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Whitney Wolfe’s Being Bullied by Tinder


When Tinder learned how successful Whitney Wolfe was with Bumble, they wanted in. Their parent company, Match, does what they can to try and take over businesses just because they’re in the same sector as them. That’s exactly what they did with Tinder when they saw how successful it was. By making companies an offer they can’t refuse, Match is pushing to try and make people come to their company. Even the businesses that are thriving and don’t want to be a part of Match get bullied by them. Their business is just to bully other businesses until they join them in their model.

Whitney Wolfe worked for Tinder. She was part of their marketing team, but she left the company because she didn’t agree with the way the app worked. She didn’t think it was fair that men could just harass women any way they wanted while on the app. She also didn’t think it was fair to let people try the things they wanted without them worrying about how they were going to stay away from men who were harassing them. Whitney Wolfe wanted women to have the power when it came to the dating apps they were using.

Since she quit Tinder, she has grown her own company substantially. While she just worked in marking for Tinder, she does it all with Bumble. She runs the company, helps people see how well its doing and figures out the changes she needs to make with it. For Whitney Wolfe to do this, she must try different things to help people with their business. She has spent a long time running Bumble to make it as successful as possible. It’s her way of allowing women to truly focus on the things they want to do while they’re looking for dates.

Match saw what Whitney Wolfe did with Bumble and wanted to stop her. They thought she was just trying to get ahead of them with the app. For that reason, they offered her money for it. They wanted to take it over like they do with other apps, but Whitney Wolfe didn’t want to let that happen. She held strong and made sure Bumble was still hers. That’s when Match decided to sue her for infringing on their ideas. The lawsuit will not stand, though, because the point of Bumble is to have something different. She wasn’t copying their ideas, she just wanted a different app for women to actually enjoy.


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