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Why Louis Chenevert Believes in Rewarding Employees

Investing in your employees is easy, but how do you do it? Every company may very well have their own reward system. Do large businesses make it worth the effort? If it is done right, then everyone can benefit. Creating the optimal work environment is one of the ways that Louis Chenevert believed would increase the team effort type culture. He also believed that it was a “Negative Nancy” environment that was bad for the culture. Creating a positive atmosphere where employees can come to without drama on a daily basis was what he aimed for.

Secondly, Louis Chenevert believed that rewarding hard workers was a key component of putting a reward system to work, and making it work. Employee of the Month is cliche, but those who work hard appreciate recognition for working hard and a job well done. Louis Chenevert wanted to improve upon this idea, by selecting three people. If more than one individual was working hard, he wanted to reward them too. He also felt that going above and beyond with something extra, like a gift certificate that they could use would also be a great way to thank employees for all they do.

One of the greatest ways Louis Chenevert believed you could reward employees was by helping them get an education. Recognizing talent will always make an employee feel as though they stand out and are appreciated, but if you don’t mind spending the money and your business is profitable, it will pay big dividends to give your employees the opportunity to get a good education. A college education and help them get further, and perhaps they will one day step into your role as a CEO! Louis Chenevert offered this to his employees, and they could earn a degree in any field they choose. He truly believed in investing in his employees.

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